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yes,we only have one bathroom!

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If you are an artist, when you get stuck, draw bigger and on tracing paper when you are stuck. Consider this manual photoshop. Use scissors, trace, refine.

If you are a writer, when you get stuck, get a pad of paper and at least two colors of pen that contrast. When you get stuck, use your “replace this with actual language later” color. Just write what you want to say. “Make angry hero cry as villain drinks amazing latte. Figure out words later.”

If you get stuck in life, clean up your area and think about how big, and how small, the universe is. Either direction is practically infinite, suspending you in the middle.

If you are fey, remember when you weren’t. It will build compassion when you deal with mortals.

If you are a potato, please advise us how you use the Internet. We have so many questions, sentient spud bud.



Please let the princess talk.

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One kiss to relieve the curse….

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how the jackpot mv was actually filmed

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There’s a story from when we were kids…About the rocks skipping on the pond. About how they had to keep moving and moving, always racing to make it from one side to the other…And the rocks were terrified that if they stopped, they’d sink, and they’d die, and they’d be alone forever and ever…But the rocks…when they sunk, they went down and down and down and down…And at the bottom they found they weren’t alone. All of their friends who’d skipped across the pond before them had been waiting for them. (x)

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we’re being faced with a serious issue.

there is only 1 sarcasm left

now we’ve got to use it wisely. please, for the love of god, think before you speak. it’s gotta be good.

yeah, okay, i’ll be sure to do that



"So do you sell drugs?" "No I’m only five"

Feminism is not about who opens the jar.

It is not about who pays for the date. It is not about who moves the couch. It is not about who kills the bugs. It is not about who cooks the dinner. It’s not even about who stays home with the kids, as long as the decision was made together, after thinking carefully about your situation and coming to an agreement that makes sense for your particular marriage and family.

It is about making sure that nobody ever has to do anything by “default” because of their gender. The stronger person should move the couch. The person who enjoys cooking more, has more time for it, and/or is better at it should do the cooking. Sometimes the stronger person is male, sometimes not. Sometimes the person who is best suited for cooking is female, sometimes not. You should do what works.

But it is also about letting people know that it is okay to change. If you’re a woman who wants to become stronger, that’s great. If you’re a man who wants to learn how to cook, that’s also great. You might start out with a relationship where the guy opens all the jars and the girl cooks all the meals, but you might find that you want to try something else. So try it.


Fic where all of the Avengers are trying to teach tech stuff to Steve (especially Tony who just gets so annoyed at his apparent tech incompetence) but he just seems super hopeless at it until one day one of them stumbles across a youtube account that’s filled with a series of videos titled ‘How Long Can I Keep My Friends Convinced I Have No Idea What Technology Is’ and it turns out he’s been gaming them for YT hits for months.

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"There are a lot of motion capture camera moves and you are shooting with a phantom camera, which shoots in super slow motion – and the room is brighter than any sunny day. And there are these four guys keeping their eyes open and pretending to be frozen. And I’m just running around pretending to move them." - Evan Peters
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ZE:A “Breathe”

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cr: owner

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